Christmas Bible Study Available for Free Download, and to Purchase on Amazon.

Christmas Bible study black lineWhat are your favorite Christmas traditions?  Tree lighting, candles, sparkling lights, manger scene, tinsel and holly?Do you give gifts to your loved ones?  Do you “shop ‘till you drop”?  Does your family gather around a Christmas tree on Christmas day?  Or do you have a quiet day of reflection?  Do you fix a special meal?  Do you watch the Christmas Day parades on television?  Football games?

Whatever your traditions are, and however you enjoy your Christmas season, why not add a 10-lesson Christmas Bible study to your preparations for this day of remembering the event which forever changed the history of our world?

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In this study we’ll take a look at the people who were part of the first Christmas, from John the Baptist (yes, he’s a big part of it!) to the shepherds and the wise men.

We’ll go verse-by-verse through the first two chapters of the book of Luke, and the first two chapters of the book of Matthew.  And we’ll try to keep the events in the order they actually happened, so you will come away from this study with a chronological view of Christmas.

What do I hope we accomplish?  I hope we will be thrilled with Christmas again!  I hope we will be in awe of the plan God put into place to save us from our sins!  I hope you and your friends, or you and your family, or just you all alone, will come to know, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, that same thrill you used to feel when Christmas morning finally arrived.

I hope the thought of God Himself becoming a newborn baby so that He could reach out to you will change your life forever.

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Genesis Part 2, Chapters 12-36, “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” – Now Available for Free Download and Purchase on Amazon

Genesis Part 2 icon

Kathleen’s Genesis Part 2 Bible Study has been updated and uploaded to our site.  This 16-lesson Bible Study on Chapters 12-36 of Genesis will introduce you to the family of Abraham, the first Jewish family.  

You’ve probably heard and loved many of the true stories in this second part of Genesis.

As you read your way through Genesis Part 2, I think you’ll be struck, as I have been, at what a total mess this chosen family was.  Maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion I have:  all families are dysfunctional in more ways that we know.

Genesis Part 2 is full of hope and a little humor for all of us dysfunctionals!

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This study, “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”,  is Part 2 of the entire Genesis Bible Study.

Click here for Part 1, “Adam to Noah”.

Click here for Part 3, “The Twelve Sons of Jacob”.


Recommended Book: “Shadow of the Mountain”, by Cliff Graham

shadow of the mountain cliff grahamI just finished reading “Shadow of the Mountain”, by Cliff Graham.
Great novel about the time of Exodus!

“The greatest victories come when you never have the most powerful chariots or most numerous armies. You should always have to depend on Him utterly and completely, because He loves to demonstrate His power.”

It’s pretty graphic in battle scenes, but oh, so, focused on the mightiness of our Lord, and the value of His Words. Highly recommend.

What are some practical, fun ways parents can pass on the heritage of loving the Word of God to future generations?

Here are a few ideas I’ve thought of…some of them I used with our children as they were growing up, and some I wish I had:

  1. Read the Word of God to them.
  2. Let them know you love the Word of God and read it every day.
  3. Memorize scripture together.
  4. Quote your memorized scripture to them
  5. Have Bible Memory contests
  6. Use scripture when answering questions.
  7. The Bible in 90 Days.
  8. Buy them great Bible study books or games:
  9. Plan a special meal, and invite them to come, letting them know that the reason for the evening is so that you can tell them your story of how you came to know Jesus and what are your favorite verses in the Bible.
  10. Tell them stories from the Bible about Families, and the value of handing down the truth of the Word of God from one generation to the next. (Like the story of Ruth)
  11. Put together a unique photo album. On the left side of the page put a picture, and on the right side, write the story of that picture….what was happening, who is in the picture…and what you learned from God during that time.
  12. Compile a family geneology, and indicate what you know about each person’s relationship to Jesus. Ask your children or grandchildren to help with the research or the compiling.
  13. Be sure your children see you praying.
  14. Sing scripture choruses together.
  15. If you play the piano, grab a hymnbook and let them turn the pages…talk about the words of the hymns. Learn some hymns together.  Teach them to harmonize.
  16. Take them on a short-term mission trip with you. What a rich experience for them to meet other kids their own age, in a different culture, who also love the Bible (in their own language) and Jesus.
  17. Teach them a verse or two in another language. Pray for children who speak that language.
  18. Take them to a baseball game, or fishing, or gardening…and talk about the things you are learning from the Lord.
  19. Turn them on to a good Christian kids’ website.
  20. Invite their friends over for dinner. Welcome them into the fellowship of your family as you pray before a meal, and talk about Jesus and scripture passages as you eat.
  21. Are you fully committed to doing things God’s ways until the end of your life? Do your children know that? Psalm 119:112 says I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes forever, to the very end.”
  22. Do your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren know you spend time in the Word every day?

Proverbs 13:22  “ A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…”


Genesis Part 1, Chapters 1-11, “Adam to Noah”, is Available for Free Download, or for Purchase on Amazon.

genesis part 1 iconYou could say the whole world was created with you in mind, except that almost sounds like creation was made to revolve around you, and of course, it wasn’t. It was made to revolve around God. This 9-lesson study of the first eleven chapters of Genesis, Genesis Part 1 will start you on an investigation of the mysteries of God, Who can create a world and mankind out of nothing, and give life to the dead.

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This study, “Adam to Noah”, is Part 1 of the entire Genesis Bible Study.

Click here for Part 2, “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”.

Click here for Part 3, “The Twelve Sons of Jacob”.



Two New kathleendalton Bible Studies are Now Available Online for Purchase: 1st John and Colossians

icon for kathleens store on luluClick on “Kathleen’s Store” to see the entire collection of kathleendalton Bible Studies available for purchase online.  I’ve just added 1st John and Colossians.  Coming soon:  Jonah and Nahum, Genesis, and Revelation.   When they come out on Amazon they will be full-price.  Right now there is a 20% discount on  Here are my 2 newest additions:

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10-Lesson Christmas Bible Study for free download

Christmas Bible study black lineThe new Christmas Bible Study has just been finished!  It’s a 10-Lesson verse-by-verse study of passages in Luke and Matthew, following the Christmas Story all the way from the birth of John the Baptist to the settling of Mary and Joseph and Jesus in Nazareth.  Click on the picture to view or for free download.

Four kathleendalton Bible Studies are now Available for Purchase Online

icon for kathleens store on luluBecause many of you have asked, I’ve been working on getting some of my Bible Studies available for purchase online.  I’ve had a great time figuring out how to do it!  I’m self-publishing on  In a few weeks these Bible studies will also be available on Amazon.  Just click on the pictures below to see Ruth, Ephesians, Hosea, and Esther at   Coming soon:  Colossians, 1st John, Genesis, and Revelation.   When they come out on Amazon they will be full-price.  Right now there is a 20% discount on  Here they are:

Ruth thumnail with border


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