What are some practical, fun ways parents can pass on the heritage of loving the Word of God to future generations?

Here are a few ideas I’ve thought of…some of them I used with our children as they were growing up, and some I wish I had:

  1. Read the Word of God to them.
  2. Let them know you love the Word of God and read it every day.
  3. Memorize scripture together.
  4. Quote your memorized scripture to them
  5. Have Bible Memory contests
  6. Use scripture when answering questions.
  7. The Bible in 90 Days.  http://scriptureawakening.com/b90/
  8. Buy them great Bible study books or games:
  9. Plan a special meal, and invite them to come, letting them know that the reason for the evening is so that you can tell them your story of how you came to know Jesus and what are your favorite verses in the Bible.
  10. Tell them stories from the Bible about Families, and the value of handing down the truth of the Word of God from one generation to the next. (Like the story of Ruth)
  11. Put together a unique photo album. On the left side of the page put a picture, and on the right side, write the story of that picture….what was happening, who is in the picture…and what you learned from God during that time.
  12. Compile a family geneology, and indicate what you know about each person’s relationship to Jesus. Ask your children or grandchildren to help with the research or the compiling.
  13. Be sure your children see you praying.
  14. Sing scripture choruses together.
  15. If you play the piano, grab a hymnbook and let them turn the pages…talk about the words of the hymns. Learn some hymns together.  Teach them to harmonize.
  16. Take them on a short-term mission trip with you. What a rich experience for them to meet other kids their own age, in a different culture, who also love the Bible (in their own language) and Jesus.
  17. Teach them a verse or two in another language. Pray for children who speak that language.
  18. Take them to a baseball game, or fishing, or gardening…and talk about the things you are learning from the Lord.
  19. Turn them on to a good Christian kids’ website.
  20. Invite their friends over for dinner. Welcome them into the fellowship of your family as you pray before a meal, and talk about Jesus and scripture passages as you eat.
  21. Are you fully committed to doing things God’s ways until the end of your life? Do your children know that? Psalm 119:112 says I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes forever, to the very end.”
  22. Do your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren know you spend time in the Word every day?

Proverbs 13:22  “ A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…”


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