Recommended Book: “Shadow of the Mountain”, by Cliff Graham

shadow of the mountain cliff grahamI just finished reading “Shadow of the Mountain”, by Cliff Graham.
Great novel about the time of Exodus!

“The greatest victories come when you never have the most powerful chariots or most numerous armies. You should always have to depend on Him utterly and completely, because He loves to demonstrate His power.”

It’s pretty graphic in battle scenes, but oh, so, focused on the mightiness of our Lord, and the value of His Words. Highly recommend.

One thought on “Recommended Book: “Shadow of the Mountain”, by Cliff Graham

  1. Perhaps you would enjoy works by Lynn Austen too. Some of her novels are OT based too. She also write American history/fiction.
    I am so behind on blog reading. I guess you know that by the age of this post and my response!

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