Genesis Part 2, Chapters 12-36, “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” – Now Available for Free Download and Purchase on Amazon

Genesis Part 2 icon

Kathleen’s Genesis Part 2 Bible Study has been updated and uploaded to our site.  This 16-lesson Bible Study on Chapters 12-36 of Genesis will introduce you to the family of Abraham, the first Jewish family.  

You’ve probably heard and loved many of the true stories in this second part of Genesis.

As you read your way through Genesis Part 2, I think you’ll be struck, as I have been, at what a total mess this chosen family was.  Maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion I have:  all families are dysfunctional in more ways that we know.

Genesis Part 2 is full of hope and a little humor for all of us dysfunctionals!

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This study, “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”,  is Part 2 of the entire Genesis Bible Study.

Click here for Part 1, “Adam to Noah”.

Click here for Part 3, “The Twelve Sons of Jacob”.


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