Christmas Bible Study Available for Free Download, and to Purchase on Amazon.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?  Tree lighting, candles, sparkling lights, manger scene, tinsel and holly?Do you give gifts to your loved ones?  Do you “shop ‘till you drop”?  Does your family gather around a Christmas tree on Christmas day?  Or do you have a quiet day of reflection?  Do you fix a special meal? Continue reading “Christmas Bible Study Available for Free Download, and to Purchase on Amazon.”

10-Lesson Christmas Bible Study for free download

The new Christmas Bible Study has just been finished!  It’s a 10-Lesson verse-by-verse study of passages in Luke and Matthew, following the Christmas Story all the way from the birth of John the Baptist to the settling of Mary and Joseph and Jesus in Nazareth.  Click on the picture to view or for free download.

Today’s Questions for Luke Bible Study – “Prophecies”

Click on the picture to the left to view or download the questions for this week’s lesson on “Prophecies”.  We’ll be looking at a few of the Old Testament prophecies which pointed to Christmas. If you want to see what we’ve done so far in our Luke Bible Study, click here.