Revelation Bible Study, “The Last Seven Years”, is Available for Free Download, or for Purchase on Amazon.

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Kathleen’s Revelation Bible Study has been updated and uploaded to our site, and can be downloaded for free.

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From Kathleen:  “My goal for this 26-Lesson, Chapter-by-Chapter Bible study in Revelation is that we will be overtaken with that sitting-in-the-back-seat-are-we-there-yet? -longing that will only go away once we see the arrival of Jesus Christ into our world for the second time in history.

The first time He came as a baby.  The second time…oh my…

Let’s think of world history as a stage, and imagine there are a series of curtains on that stage, curtains that are fairly “see-through”, so that as each curtain is removed the one person standing on the stage gets easier and easier to see. That may help us realize what has been happening since the creation of the world, and what will be happening as the events of Revelation unfold. Every event points to Jesus. Every mercy, every disaster, every judgment, every moment of grace – all of them reveal Jesus to us more and more and more, until finally we see Him clearly in Revelation Chapter 19, mounted on a white horse, returning to be King over the world that was made for Him.”  

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