Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?

An Introduction to the twelve Minor Prophets of the Old Testament…and a Few Minor Prophets of Today. In the Old Testament there were twelve Minor Prophets.  They were ordinary men.   Seven (7) of them were pretty much unknowns, and then there was a country boy, a man of royal lineage, an old man, a priest,Continue reading “Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?”

Joel – When Disaster Strikes

Joel – “When Disaster Strikes”. In just 2012 alone: A mass murder, killing 7, at Oikos University in Oakland, California March 2–3, 2012, a deadly tornado outbreak occurred over a large section of the Southern United States into the Ohio Valley region. The storms resulted in 40 tornado-related fatalities, 22 of which occurred in Kentucky Tornado-related deaths also occurred inContinue reading “Joel – When Disaster Strikes”