Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?

An Introduction to the twelve Minor Prophets of the Old Testament…and a Few Minor Prophets of Today. In the Old Testament there were twelve Minor Prophets.  They were ordinary men.   Seven (7) of them were pretty much unknowns, and then there was a country boy, a man of royal lineage, an old man, a priest,Continue reading “Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?”

Zephaniah – “Lies We Have Believed”

Zephaniah – “Lies We Have Believed” Here are 3 lies we have believed:  “The LORD will do Nothing, either Good or Bad.”  (He is kind and loving and overlooks evil.  He hasn’t done anything so far, has he?) “All we Need is Self-confidence”.  (The LORD wants us to believe in ourselves.) “The Future is WhatContinue reading “Zephaniah – “Lies We Have Believed””