Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?

An Introduction to the twelve Minor Prophets of the Old Testament…and a Few Minor Prophets of Today. In the Old Testament there were twelve Minor Prophets.  They were ordinary men.   Seven (7) of them were pretty much unknowns, and then there was a country boy, a man of royal lineage, an old man, a priest,Continue reading “Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?”

Habakkuk “What Are You Doing, God?”

Habakkuk Bible Study Habakkuk deals with a down-to-earth part of life…not only an Old Testament prophet’s life, but also our lives….the part where we have questions for God. Maybe we don’t always verbalize those questions, even to ourselves, but we do have them.  Habakkuk shows us that it is acceptable to God for us toContinue reading “Habakkuk “What Are You Doing, God?””