Hosea Bible Study – “Living For the Weekend”

We’ve started a new Bible Study on the book of Hosea.  You can view or download the Hosea Bible study here.   Here’s what Hosea is all about: For the Israelites living during the reign of King Jeroboam, life was good in the Northern Kingdom.   The economy was improving and most people had jobs.  ThereContinue reading “Hosea Bible Study – “Living For the Weekend””

Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?

An Introduction to the twelve Minor Prophets of the Old Testament…and a Few Minor Prophets of Today. In the Old Testament there were twelve Minor Prophets.  They were ordinary men.   Seven (7) of them were pretty much unknowns, and then there was a country boy, a man of royal lineage, an old man, a priest,Continue reading “Minor Prophets – Why Do They Do It?”