Joel – When Disaster Strikes

Joel – “When Disaster Strikes”.

In just 2012 alone:

A mass murder, killing 7, at Oikos University in Oakland, California

March 2–3, 2012, a deadly tornado outbreak occurred over a large section of the Southern United States into the Ohio Valley region. The storms resulted in 40 tornado-related fatalities, 22 of which occurred in Kentucky Tornado-related deaths also occurred in Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio

Another major tornado outbreak in April, 6 fatalities

The 2012 Colorado wildfires are an ongoing unusually devastating series of Colorado wildfires and include several separate fires in June and July 2012. At least 34,500 residents were evacuated in June.

The 2012 North American Drought includes most of the US, parts of Mexico, and central and Eastern Canada. It is affecting a similarly large areas as droughts in the 1930s and 1950s but it is not yet been in place as long. The drought has inflicted, and is expected to continue to inflict, catastrophic economic ramifications for the affected states.

The summer 2012 North American heat wave is a heat wave which has led to more than 82 heat-related deaths across the United States and Canada

A mass murder in a movie theatre in Aurora Colorado

How are we supposed to react to all these life-altering disasters?  I think Joel is going to help us figure that out.

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