Question: “Why did Jesus Change People’s Names?”

In John chapter 1, Jesus saw Peter, and called him “stone”.  Why did Jesus change people’s names? It was sort of like He gave them knicknames.  He wasn’t aloof and untouchable.   He loved them as individuals, and let them know that by giving them special names which meant something to Him and them.  He sawContinue reading “Question: “Why did Jesus Change People’s Names?””

Question: “Why did John the Baptist Baptize and not Jesus?”

God chose John the Baptist to be the one who announced Jesus to the world.  Jesus didn’t do the baptizing because He was the One being announced. So before Jesus ever began His ministry on earth, God told John to begin preaching out in the wilderness and to use baptism as a way to teachContinue reading “Question: “Why did John the Baptist Baptize and not Jesus?””

Question: “I’m not a Christian. Why Should I read the Bible?”

The purpose of reading your Bible and asking questions is so that Jesus can begin to show you Who He is and you can begin to have a relationship with Him.  You and I always have to come to the Word of God admitting we are sinners and we need God (Jesus) desperately.  We comeContinue reading “Question: “I’m not a Christian. Why Should I read the Bible?””

Question: So…Who is Satan?

A few facts about Satan from scripture:  He was an angel, created by God.  (Rev. 12:1-4, Job 1:6&7) He rebelled against God, wishing to be greater than God.  (Isaiah 14:12-15) He inspired 1/3 of all of God’s angels to rebel with him (Rev. 12:1-4) He tempted Eve & Adam  to also rebel against God, trustingContinue reading “Question: So…Who is Satan?”

Question: Are We Not to Get Prayed Over?

Here’s a good question sent to me a few days ago: “Can you help me understand 1st Timothy 5:22?  I just don’t get it.  What’s the context?  Are we not to get prayed over?” This question gives us a great example of the importance of the big picture.  No verse just stands on its own.Continue reading “Question: Are We Not to Get Prayed Over?”

Can You Recommend a Good Bible Study Method?

I recently had someone ask me to recommend a Bible Study method.  She was wanting to get back to being in the Word herself, and also wanted to introduce a Bible Study method to the high school youth group she was working with. Her question got me to thinking that there might be a fewContinue reading “Can You Recommend a Good Bible Study Method?”