Can You Recommend a Good Bible Study Method?

cup of coffee no borderI recently had someone ask me to recommend a Bible Study method.  She was wanting to get back to being in the Word herself, and also wanted to introduce a Bible Study method to the high school youth group she was working with.

Her question got me to thinking that there might be a few more people who have that same question – so I’m passing on my answer to you – in hopes you will find it helpful for yourself, or pass it on to someone else who might be wondering this, too:

  1. First – and most important – just do this:  read your Bible every day.  There is no substitute for reading  your Bible every day.    How long you read, or where you read, or what books or media you might use to help you understand what you read…these are up to you and will probably change with time….but just get alone and read your Bible every day.   Do it for the rest of your life.
  2. Then….

How to Study Your BibleOne really great method  of Bible Study is called “inductive Bible Study”.  It’s an awesome discipline for digging in and applying God’s Word to your every-day life.

Kay Arthur has written a great book on it:  “How to Study Your Bible”, published by Harvest House.  Click on the picture to the left to find it on the internet.

  1. And….

Understanding the BibleAlso, on this website there’s an article you might find helpful , called “Understanding the Bible”.  Click on the picture to the left to find it: 

–         Kathleen

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