Question: “I’m not a Christian. Why Should I read the Bible?”

The purpose of reading your Bible and asking questions is so that Jesus can begin to show you Who He is and you can begin to have a relationship with Him.  You and I always have to come to the Word of God admitting we are sinners and we need God (Jesus) desperately.  We come to the Bible asking Him to help us understand how to be right with Him.   If we know we can’t clean ourselves up, that’s the first step.  After that, He continues to show us what He has done to solve our sin problem for us.

Ask yourself 2 questions at this point:

  1. Do I know I can’t be good enough to be worthy of a relationship with God?
  2. Do I want to know what He can do to solve this huge problem?

If you answer yes to each of those questions, you are on your way.  The next step is to read your Bible – every day – He will meet you there.

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