Question: “Why did John the Baptist Baptize and not Jesus?”

God chose John the Baptist to be the one who announced Jesus to the world.  Jesus didn’t do the baptizing because He was the One being announced.

So before Jesus ever began His ministry on earth, God told John to begin preaching out in the wilderness and to use baptism as a way to teach people they needed to be washed clean of their sins so they would be ready to meet the coming Savior.

Baptism was a “drama”… a sign from God for the people that their Savior was about ready to come!   John’s baptism was to get people ready..

Later on Jesus’ own disciples would also baptize, but that was not to get people ready, but to help them understand that Jesus, their Savior, was already there.

Today we get baptized in order to let people know that we have believed in Jesus, and that we know He is coming again.

Baptism never saved anyone – it is now and always was a “drama” –  like a one-act-play on a stage which was meant to convey a message to the watching audience and also to the ones in the play.

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