Question: Are We Not to Get Prayed Over?

Here’s a good question sent to me a few days ago: “Can you help me understand 1st Timothy 5:22?  I just don’t get it.  What’s the context?  Are we not to get prayed over?” This question gives us a great example of the importance of the big picture.  No verse just stands on its own.Continue reading “Question: Are We Not to Get Prayed Over?”

1st Timothy Chapter 6 “Contentment”

1st Timothy Chapter 6.  This is the final chapter in our 1st Timothy Bible Study. “Godliness with contentment is great gain”.   Being Godly, and being satisfied with life, no matter how difficult or challenging, is the key to happiness for the leader of the church.  Yes, of course this applies to all believers in Jesus….butContinue reading “1st Timothy Chapter 6 “Contentment””

1st Timothy Chapter 5 “Who to Honor”

1st Timothy Chapter 5   “Who to Honor” Timothy has a job to do.  He will be best able to convey spiritual truths to the people in his congregation if he treats each person as an honored and special creation of God.  Will everyone react well to Timothy’s Pastoring?  No.  Some will not want toContinue reading “1st Timothy Chapter 5 “Who to Honor””

1st Timothy Chapter 4 “Latter Times”

1st Timothy Chapter 4 The first 4 verses of this chapter talk about the “latter times”.  What are the “latter times”? a.   Has it already happened? b.   Are we living in it right now? c.   Could it start any time soon? d.   Should we be looking for it? e.   Is this the same as “endContinue reading “1st Timothy Chapter 4 “Latter Times””

Ist Timothy Chapter 3 “Leadership”

1st Timothy Chapter 3 The job of Pastor is described in this chapter…with a pretty daunting list of qualifications.  You’ll probably read through this list and say: “Whoa!  Who would ever want to do this job?” But I can tell you from my own experience as a Pastor’s wife that the man who is calledContinue reading “Ist Timothy Chapter 3 “Leadership””

1st Timothy Chapter 2 “Warfare”

1st Timothy, Chapter 2 It’s a battle.  Church is God’s plan to reach the world…and it’s a battle.  Chapter 2 of 1st Timothy lets us know what our very unconventional weapons are in this battle. We could say it like this:  “Because of the fact that you are actually in a battle, Timothy, here’s whatContinue reading “1st Timothy Chapter 2 “Warfare””

1st Timothy Chapter 1 “Good Doctrine”

1st Timothy Chapter 1 – “Good Doctrine” God gave us His Word – the Bible –  so that we could clearly understand Him. Yes, there are things we will not understand until we get to heaven.  God is bigger than any of us mere mortals can put our arms around.  But God did not giveContinue reading “1st Timothy Chapter 1 “Good Doctrine””