1st Timothy Chapter 2 “Warfare”

1st Timothy, Chapter 2

It’s a battle.  Church is God’s plan to reach the world…and it’s a battle.  Chapter 2 of 1st Timothy lets us know what our very unconventional weapons are in this battle.

We could say it like this:  “Because of the fact that you are actually in a battle, Timothy, here’s what you should do…and remember…

  • It’s not a battle in the ordinary sense of the word.
  • It is not fought with ordinary weapons.
  • The enemy does not fight fair.  He quite often will masquerade as your closest friend.
  • It may seem over sometimes, but it’s not.  It will only be over when Jesus returns and gives us a new heaven and a new earth.  Don’t let down your guard.”

Therefore, Timothy, pray.

Click HERE to view or download the entire 1st Timothy study.

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