Intense Evil – What is our Response?

This was in a Facebook post today from my friend, Karyl Entner: “Grim details in an e mail from my cousin, veteran missionary, Jim Entner. He sent on an urgent request to pray for Christians in Iraq. Two separate missionaries contacted him with the prayer request. The ISIS is going house to house in a townContinue reading “Intense Evil – What is our Response?”

Jonah and Nahum Bible Study

Click on the picture above to view or download Kathleen Dalton’s newest Bible Study – a study of two Old Testament prophets who both prophesied to the same people but never knew each other. Their prophecies were about 100 years apart.  Jonah came first, and even though he didn’t want to do what God asked him to do,Continue reading “Jonah and Nahum Bible Study”

Books I Have Read – “Speaking of Jesus” – J. Mack Stiles

Great book to inspire you to tell your story about how you met Jesus!  You’ll get a few good ideas, and read some true stories of the author’s own experiences sharing the story of Jesus.  Easy read.  There’s a story in chapter 3 about a river rescue – it’s worth the price of the book!