Intense Evil – What is our Response?

This was in a Facebook post today from my friend, Karyl Entner:

“Grim details in an e mail from my cousin, veteran missionary, Jim Entner. He sent on an urgent request to pray for Christians in Iraq. Two separate missionaries contacted him with the prayer request. The ISIS is going house to house in a town Queragosh and asking the children if they know of Jesus and if they respond “yes” and refuse to renounce Jesus, they are immediatly beheaded in front of the parents, but they are leaving the parents. The UN who is supposed to be “peace keeping” has abondoned them and the missionaries and humanitarian workers.  Can you imagine having your children slain in front of you? I can’t begin to imagine it. It literally makes my heart hurt on their behalf. Had I not heart this from Jim myself, I could hardly believe it. Jim is in China and lives in communist danger all the time but not in fear of beheading. The ISIS seems to be so intensely evil.”

How do we respond to this?  Everything in us wants to fight back, but how?….or to run, but to where?….

Here’s how we as believers in Jesus have to respond:  Go quickly, today, and tell the story of Jesus to someone!

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

One thought on “Intense Evil – What is our Response?

  1. Thinking of the parents who saw a child slaughtered in front of them is a horrid picture in my mind. The governments of other nations that do not allow for religious freedom and who are overtaken by force is heartbreaking. Your solution is exactly correct, because we must tell the story where ever, we can and don’t wait for opportunities–create opportunities! And please pray for the missionaries and humanitarian workers in Syrian, Iraq, and other unsafe places. Clearly, the ISIS does not want them and American embassies are not extending a helping hand of protection.

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