Books I Am Reading. “Disappointment With God” – Phillip Yancey

When you have come up against an impossibility in life.  When you have grieved and wondered where God is.   That’s the time to read this book.  I think it will help. “Simply reading the Bible, I encountered not a misty vapor but an actual Person.  A Person as unique and distinctive and colorful asContinue reading “Books I Am Reading. “Disappointment With God” – Phillip Yancey”

Books I Am Reading – “Bruce & Stan’s Guide to Sharing Your Faith”

Yeah – Great little book just giving the basics of sharing your faith.  Lighthearted. I’m going to buy several and give them to people who want to learn how to share their faith. “Let’s look at this whole thing rationally for a moment.  It just isn’t realistic to think that sharing your faith will causeContinue reading “Books I Am Reading – “Bruce & Stan’s Guide to Sharing Your Faith””

Books I Am Reading – “Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible”

I have read and re-read this little book by Erwin Lutzer, Pastor of Moody Church in Chicago.  It is bedrock for being able to discuss the extreme value of the Bible with anyone. “I invite you to join me on my journey.  Let us go back to the basics, back to the most fundamental questionContinue reading “Books I Am Reading – “Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible””

Books I Am Reading – “Betrayed”, by Stan Telchin

Loved this simple testimony of a Jewish man who was wounded deeply by the unexpected from his daughter – she came to believe that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah of the Jewish scriptures.  In this short, but moving little book, I was reminded anew of how powerful it is to simply believe in JesusContinue reading “Books I Am Reading – “Betrayed”, by Stan Telchin”

Books I Am Reading…New Category for 2013

I’m adding a new category in 2013.  I’d like to make comments on books I am reading, and let you know whether or not I recommend them.   Here’s a book I am currently finishing up: I Really like this commentary on Luke by Michael Card.  I normally associate Michael with awesome, inspiring music –Continue reading “Books I Am Reading…New Category for 2013”