Books I Am Reading…New Category for 2013

I’m adding a new category in 2013.  I’d like to make comments on books I am reading, and let you know whether or not I recommend them.   Here’s a book I am currently finishing up:

"Luke" - Michael CardI Really like this commentary on Luke by Michael Card.  I normally associate Michael with awesome, inspiring music – and I’ve found that his commentary is also artisitic and inspiring – giving me not only facts, but also pictures in my mind of the events Luke is describing.  Here’s a quote I especially liked today (from Luke 13, page 168) :

“The Job Equation”  (that’s Job of the Bible, not the job which pays my bills) is a simple formula that says if you are bad, you will suffer, while if you are good, you will prosper.  On one hand, it represents the fundamental aspect of the law.  If you are obedient, God blesses you; if you are disobedient, God disciplines you.  On the other hand, there is more going on in the world that renders the equation not quite as simple as it may seem…..The best answer, as far as I can understand it, is that God uses suffering to save the world and that the connection between sin and suffering is never as simple as we want it to be.”


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