Books I Am Reading. “Disappointment With God” – Phillip Yancey

Disappointment With God  Phllip YancyWhen you have come up against an impossibility in life.  When you have grieved and wondered where God is.   That’s the time to read this book.  I think it will help.

“Simply reading the Bible, I encountered not a misty vapor but an actual Person.  A Person as unique and distinctive and colorful as any person I know.  God has deep emotions; He feels delight and frustration and anger.  In the prophets He weeps and moans with pain….”

“..I turned to the Bible again, trying to hear God’s words as if for the first time.  He speaks for Himself there, and I realized that had not often paid attention.  I had been too preoccupied with my feelings to listen attentively to His feelings.”   – Phillip Yancey

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