Proverbs 31 “An Uncommon Woman”

Are you becoming  “An Uncommon Woman” ?   A woman so unique that some day people will look at you with shock in their eyes and ask: “What is so different about her?”

I think there are two ways to become this woman…I am recommending the 2nd.

The first way would be to look around you and decide that you don’t want to be like what you see.  To see apathy and decide to be caring and intense.  Or to see pettiness and decide to be live on a larger plane.  Or to see immorality and decide to be pure.  Or to see self-centeredness and decide to focus on others.  All of those sound good at first….but I don’t think this is a powerful-enough way to approach this challenge.  If you do this, you are always trying to not be somebody …but never knowing who you are trying to be.

The 2nd way is to look directly into the face of Jesus, and then ask Him to change you into the woman you see reflected in His eyes.  Because He already sees the uncommon woman you could be.

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