Proverbs 31 “An Uncommon Woman”

Are you becoming  “An Uncommon Woman” ?   A woman so unique that some day people will look at you with shock in their eyes and ask: “What is so different about her?” I think there are two ways to become this woman…I am recommending the 2nd. The first way would be to look aroundContinue reading “Proverbs 31 “An Uncommon Woman””

A Few Selected Proverbs “God’s Sweet Wisdom for Busy Lives”

A Few Selected Proverbs The advice in Proverbs is sometimes hard to follow – it might “go against the grain” occasionally.  But one thing is guaranteed.  When followed, God’s wisdom is always “sweet”.  In other words, you can’t go wrong taking this advice.  It always brings peace inside and gives you hope for the future.Continue reading “A Few Selected Proverbs “God’s Sweet Wisdom for Busy Lives””