Will Israel Someday Believe in Jesus Christ?

     Jeremiah 51:5:  “For Israel is not forsaken, nor Judah, by his God, the Lord of Hosts, though their land was filled with sin against the Holy One of Israel.”  (spoken to the Israelites when they are warned by Jeremiah of the coming judgment of Babylon.)      Isaiah 54:7 “ ‘For a mere moment IContinue reading “Will Israel Someday Believe in Jesus Christ?”

Today’s Questions for Luke Bible Study – “Prophecies”

Click on the picture to the left to view or download the questions for this week’s lesson on “Prophecies”.  We’ll be looking at a few of the Old Testament prophecies which pointed to Christmas. If you want to see what we’ve done so far in our Luke Bible Study, click here.

Books I Have Read – “The Insanity of God” – Nik Ripken

This is a must-read. In the first half of the book, Nik tells his story of working with a huge relief effort in Somaliland, and shares many heart-wrenching stories of the people who survived the horrors there.  He comes away from that experience with an overwhelming need to heal from his own personal tragedy ofContinue reading “Books I Have Read – “The Insanity of God” – Nik Ripken”

Books I Am Reading – “Against the Tide” – the Story of Watchman Nee, by Angus Kinnear

Watchman Nee died in the summer of 1972, after spending 20 years in Chinese prisons for his faith.  In that same summer, the summer of 1972, I was pregnant with my 3rd child, and Ken and I were struggling to plant a church in Morris, Illinois.  I knew nothing then of Watchman Nee.  But now,Continue reading “Books I Am Reading – “Against the Tide” – the Story of Watchman Nee, by Angus Kinnear”

Ezra – “Coming Out Of Babylon”

The book of Ezra tells the story of the Jewish return from captivity.  Babylon had become Persia – and the new King of Persia issued a decree saying the Jews could go back home, after 70 years in a foreign land. What should have been a mass exodus of Jews from Babylon turned out toContinue reading “Ezra – “Coming Out Of Babylon””