Luke Bible Study Begins – “If I Could Just Ask God a Question…”

Luke first pageThis Bible Study is an experiment…to see if our most pressing questions for God can be answered by taking a slow, studied look at the life of Jesus.  He is, after all, God Himself.  Maybe as we see where He went….maybe as we listen to what He said….maybe as we wrestle with why He did or didn’t do what He did or didn’t do….we will get the answers to the questions we long to ask God.

I invite you to join us on our experiment.

Make a list of the questions you would ask God if you knew He would give you an answer right away… and then let’s see what we discover.

Our first passage will be Luke 1:1-4.     Click on the link to view or download our worksheet for the passage.  In addition to studying the passge, the questions for God we’ll be exploring are:

1.  Is the Bible really word-for-word from You, God?

2.  Why would my story be important to tell?

Answers tomorrow after our Bible Study at Village Bible Church, 1pm.


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