Hebrews – “Jump Off the Fence!!!”


As born-again believers we are tempted to say we love and trust Jesus, but are really  trusting other things and people to lead us and guide our decisions.

The writer to the Hebrews is speaking to a group of people so very much like us.  Many of them, whether believers or still unbelievers, are hesitantly balancing on top of a fence, so to speak.  They know Jesus spoke the truth.  They know He said He is God…and many of them have actually believed that He is, indeed, God.  But they are conflicted.  Going forward with Him will ask for so much personal sacrifice….and sliding back into the old superstitions of Judaism, the old comfortable ways of doing religion, the ways which don’t make everyone mad at them, the ways which won’t ask for a walk of faith….just seems so attractive…..so tempting….

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