Ruth Bible Study, “Beauty for Ashes”, is Available for Free Download and for Purchase on Amazon



It’s the story of a family life which just fell apart.  Elimilech and Naomi started out their life together as a young Jewish family full of joy and praise for God.  Life was pleasant and full of hope.  But soon they had two sons who weren’t exactly the picture of health…and then a famine came to their land…and then things got worse….

Ruth is a story of hopelessness turned into hope, and bitterness turned to sweet peace.   It’s a story of God stretching out His arms to catch up seemingly insignificant people into His amazing plan for all creation.

Kathleen’s 4–lesson Ruth Bible Study is a chapter-by-chapter walk through the Old Testament book of Ruth.  It’s specially designed for personal devotional use or for your Small Group discussion-style Bible Study.

Click here for a Free Download of this study.  

Click here to Purchase the Ruth Bible Study on Amazon.

Click here to see Kathleen’s complete store of For-Sale Bible Studies on  


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