Hosea Bible Study, “Living for the Weekend”, is Available for Free Download and for Purchase on Amazon

hosea product_thumbnailFor the Israelites living during the reign of King Jeroboam, life was good in the Northern Kingdom.   The economy was improving and most people had jobs.  There was rain for their crops.  Families were healthy.

The occasional tug on their hearts to live wholeheartedly for the One, True God came less and less often, mostly only when one of those crazy prophet-types was walking through one of their towns.  They were busy, happy, and certainly not interested in giving up anything in order to think seriously about God.  They were living for the weekend.

Kathleen’s 4–lesson Hosea Bible Study is a chapter-by-chapter walk through the Old Testament book of Hosea.  It’s specially designed for personal devotional use or for your Small Group discussion-style Bible Study.

Click here for a Free Download of this study.  

Click here to Purchase the Hosea Bible Study on Amazon.

Click here to see Kathleen’s complete store of For-Sale Bible Studies on lulu.com.  


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