Jonah and Nahum Bible Study, “We Live in the Time of Jonah…But Nahum is Coming”, is Available for Free Download and for Purchase on Amazon

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In the present-day country of Iraq, 2,700 years ago, the prophet Nahum preached to the wicked city of Nineveh about the awful coming judgment of God. Nineveh only laughed at Nahum when they heard his message.  What a stupid little man!  He spoke words of God’s judgment on the mightiest city in the world!!

After Nahum spread the news of God’s soon-to-arrive judgment, it actually came!  The city of Nineveh and all its inhabitants were completely destroyed. If I could tell you all the atrocities committed by Nineveh, you would gag.  You would say they deserved what they got.

Let’s back it up about a hundred years….before Nahum prophesied and before Nineveh was wiped out.  Another prophet, Jonah, delivered the same message of impending judgment to the same city, with opposite results.  The whole city and its leaders repented of their sins and believed in the One, True God!  Judgment was postponed.

I think we need to look at both of these prophets, as our own world seems to be spinning out of control.  I think we’ll see the story of Nineveh is the story of today.

We live in the time of Jonah….but Nahum is coming.

Kathleen’s 8–lesson Jonah and Nahum Bible Study is a chapter-by-chapter walk through the Old Testament prophetical books of Jonah and Nahum.  It’s specially designed for personal devotional use or for your Small Group discussion-style Bible Study.

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