Isaiah – A Bible Study Born During Covid

When we first heard, in 2020, that our once-a-week Bible Study at Village Bible Church had to be cancelled due to the Covid crisis, our group of 30 women was disappointed to say the least!  We had been meeting together for almost 15 years!

We decided to continue our study by mail, since a few of us didn’t have e-mails or computers.  That might seem strange in this high-tech age, but many of us were in our 80’s and 90’s.  No woman left behind!  Eventually, as more and more gatherings for Bible Studies were unavailable, a few more women joined us. By the time we finished Isaiah there were almost 90 women getting Isaiah by Mail! We finished Isaiah the first week in December, 2020.

You can click on any  of the following links to go to a specific chapter of Isaiah:

Isaiah 1:1 – An Introduction

Isaiah 1:2-4 Rebellion

Isaiah 1:5-9 Remnant

Isaiah 1:10-20 Repentance

Isaiah 1:21 – 2:4 Restoration

Isaiah 2:5 – 4:6 The Day of the Lord

Isaiah 5 No Knowledge

Isaiah 6 The Making of a Servant

Isaiah 7,8,&9 Four Sons Tell a Story

Isaiah 9&10 Return to the Mighty God

Isaiah 11&12 Thankful

Isaiah 13-23 Enemies

Isaiah 24 Are You Ready?

Isaiah 25&26 A Week of Praise

Isaiah 27-35 Blossom as the Rose

Isaiah 36 The Great King…The King of Assyria!

Isaiah 37 First Fear, Then Faith, Then Fulfillment of God’s Word

Isaiah 38 An Extra 15 Years

Isaiah 39 Forgiveness

Isaiah 40 Comfort

Isaiah 41-48 Magnificent!

Isaiah 49-53 The Servant

Isaiah 54-58 Am I Just Religious?

Isaiah 59-65 First Repentance…Then, Abundance!!!

Isaiah 66 A High View of God

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