Esther Bible Study, “The Thirteenth of Never…That’s the Day The Lord Will Allow His People to Be Destroyed”, is Available for Free Download, or for Purchase on Amazon

esther product_thumbnailThe story of Esther, Xerxes, Haman and Mordecai is so much a picture of our salvation, isn’t it?

We are the captives – slaves to sin.  We are helpless as an evil being seeks our destruction.  But just at the last minute the decree to destroy us (which cannot be revoked) is overcome by another decree which allows SomeOne to fight for us…SomeOne to die in our place..and that turns the battle.  The evil being is destroyed and we end up with an inheritance greater than any we ever could have imagined.

Kathleen’s 7–lesson Esther Bible Study is a chapter-by-chapter walk through the Old Testament book of Esther.  It’s specially designed for personal devotional use or for your Small Group discussion-style Bible Study.

Click here for a Free Download of this study.  

Click here to Purchase the Esther Bible Study on Amazon.

Click here to see Kathleen’s complete store of For-Sale Bible Studies on  



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