Colossians Bible Study, “Remember My Chains”, is Available for Free Download and for Purchase on Amazon.

colossians product_thumbnailHe was chained.  His freedom had been stolen by authorities who did not understand the job he’d been given.  He was in pain and his body bore the effects of the suffering-filled life he had lived for the last few years.

Depression possibly overtook him once and again.  And also possibly he spent many nights frustrated that he could not travel to the churches he feared might be spinning out of control for lack of a shepherd.

His clothes were threadbare.  He was way too cold in the winter and way too hot in the summer.  He was hungry.

But here’s what he had.  Here’s what kept him pumped up and going strong:  he had weak, insignificant and unimpressive people all across the known world who remembered his chains.

Kathleen’s 4–lesson Colossians Bible Study is a chapter-by-chapter walk through the New Testament book of Colossians.  It’s specially designed for personal devotional use or for your Small Group discussion-style Bible Study.

Click here for a Free Download of this study.  

Click here to Purchase the Colossians Bible Study on Amazon.

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