Two New kathleendalton Bible Studies are Now Available Online for Purchase: 1st John and Colossians

Click on “Kathleen’s Store” to see the entire collection of kathleendalton Bible Studies available for purchase online.  I’ve just added 1st John and Colossians.  Coming soon:  Jonah and Nahum, Genesis, and Revelation.   When they come out on Amazon they will be full-price.  Right now there is a 20% discount on  Here are my 2 newest additions:  

1st John Bible Study – The Seven Basics of an Amazing Christian Life!

In John’s day there were evil-minded men trying to confuse new believers about what the Gospel really was, and about who Jesus really was.  John wrote this letter to set the record straight and teach his beloved readers seven basics, woven in and repeated over and over through the whole letter – seven basics whichContinue reading “1st John Bible Study – The Seven Basics of an Amazing Christian Life!”