A Christmas Bible Study for your Family

Here’s a 10-week Bible Study to get your family, or you and your friends, ready for Christmas! Christmas Bible Study by Kathleen Dalton – a simple Question and Answer Bible Study. It’s available here for Free Download on this website, or the paperback can be ordered from Amazon.

Start the 3rd week in October, and finish Christmas week. Or, you can enjoy just one week…or pick your favorites.

There are Questions to discuss, and Answers to give you a jumping off point for 10 weeks of great discussions about what actually happened at Christmas?…who was part of the story?…what was the chronological order of happenings?…and mostly, how should I personally respond to this once-in-history event!

Here’s a peek at the Table of Contents: (Use just one week, or all 10)

Christmas Bible Study Table of Contents

Luke 1:1-4  “An Orderly Account”  

Luke 1:5-25  “Zacharias”   

Luke 1:26-56  “Mary”

Luke 1:57-58  “Elizabeth”

Luke 1:59-80  “Prophecy”

Matt. 1:18-25 “Joseph”

Luke 2:1-7  “The Stable”

Luke 2:8-20  “The Shepherds”

Luke 2:21-38  “The Temple”

Matthew 2:1-23  “The Wise Men”

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!Kathleen Dalton

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