John Chapters 12-21 Bible Study Available for Free Download or Purchase

John 12-21 front coverOver twenty years ago my husband, Ken, had a business acquaintance ask him:  “What difference would it have made if Jesus had never risen from the dead?”

Jack and Ken had worked together on many projects, and been friends over the years.  When he asked Ken this question it was because he knew he didn’t know God at all, and was a little stumped about how to go about it.

Ken was only too glad to sit down with Jack that day, answer his question, and also tell him what it meant to put his faith in Jesus.  When Jack realized all that Jesus had done for him, and that Jesus was without a doubt God Himself, that He had been murdered, but then raised from the dead two thousand years ago, and was alive today, Jack gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ.  Two years later Jack died…but didn’t.  His body is in the grave, but Jack went to be with His Lord.  He’s living with Jesus today, and will for eternity.

This 10-lesson Bible Study of John Chapters 12-21 looks at the last week of Jesus life on earth, and then at the unbelievable significance of His rising from the dead.     – Kathleen

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