Galatians Bible Study “Free!!!” is Available for Free Download or for Purchase on Lulu and Amazon

Galatians iconThis 10-lesson Bible Study in Galatians shows us that, as Christians, our own sinful nature plays a little trick on us. Our pride starts us to thinking, “Well, yes, I need a Savior…yes, I’m a sinner…but I’d rather not feel like such a loser. I’d rather feel like my Savior loved me because I’m so lovable. I will do better in this area, or in that area…or I will do this extra good deed, or that one….and that will make me better in His eyes…I’ll be more worthy to be saved.” And in so thinking we slide away from the side of the One Who died so that we could be worthy. We begin to listen to another Gospel – the Gospel of works. We begin to love another savior – the one we’ve made up in our minds. Paul writes to them from a heart of love – reminding them that they are not slaves to works – they are…..Free!!!

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