James Bible Study Now Available for Free Download or for Purchase

James Bible Study redo pic
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Kathleen’s James Bible Study has been updated and uploaded to our site, and can be downloaded for free.

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From Kathleen:   “As you read through the whole book of James, certain common themes begin to emerge:

  1. He calls them “my brothers” very, very often.
  2. He’s not too impressed with “rich people”.
  3. He talks about a new kind of law: the “law of freedom”.
  4. He expects people of “faith” to be doing something.
  5. He thinks talking is serious business.
  6. He accuses them of thinking they are something great when they are not.
  7. He advises prayer when any need arises.

So you realize that he had a few things to say…and I think he could barely get them on paper because of all the other things he kept thinking of.

Like sending the kid off to college – or off to camp – and don’t forget this…and don’t forget this….and don’t forget this….”

 – Kathleen

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