Questions You Have Asked: Why Don’t People Believe in Jesus When There Are So Many Proofs That He Is Who He Said He Was?

With all the proofs of Who Jesus was, how can anyone not believe?

There is a very simple yet heartbreaking answer to this often-asked question.

Every person on earth is a sinner,   (“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.Romans 3:23)  and sinners do not want to have their sins exposed by the Light, but instead end up hating the Light.  (John 3:19&20)

Well, then, you might say, if that’s true, how does anyone ever believe in Jesus (the Light)?

Here’s how:  even the ability to hate sin and the desire to be forgiven is a gift of God.   That gift can be accepted or rejected by each person because every person has free will.

Those who see they are sinners but do not want to humble themselves before God and ask for His forgiveness become haters of the light.  They refuse to believe, not because they don’t have enough proof of Who Jesus is, but because they don’t want to admit who they are in the eyes of the Holy God.

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