Questions You Have Asked: Why is it So Hard to Share My Faith? How Can I Get Someone’s Attention?

Why is it so hard to share my faith?  What can I do to get someone’s attention?

It’s hard to share your faith because your faith doesn’t make sense to the one who has never believed in Jesus.  It doesn’t make sense that anyone could just believe in Jesus and therefore be right with God.  Most people are convinced they have to do a lot of good things in order to make God happy with them.

What can you do to get someone’s attention?

  • Ask God to do whatever He needs to do in your life to give you the opportunity to share your faith.   Just like Mary, in the Christmas story, you may end up with a life situation hardly anyone would believe.  If that happens, look for encouragement from some other believer whom the Holy Spirit has placed there for you.  And then go live out your situation by trusting in God…and that will give you opportunities to share your faith.
  • Be intentional. Go where the unbelieving are. Sit in the smoking section.  Join a club.  Offer to cook a meal.  Ask if you can pray for someone’s needs.  Invite someone over to dinner.

Would you like a whole lot of other ideas for this?  Click here and read “151 Ways to Get Opportunities to Witness”.

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