Questions You Have Asked: “How Come God Made the Solar System, Since We Can’t Use It?

A great question from Sofie,  a 9-year-old girl:

“How come God made the solar system, since we can’t use it?”

If I was going to put this in my own words, here’s what I would say:  “What is the point of a solar system full of planets and stars which we will never be able to travel to?  Or…What could God’s purpose have been in creating some things we can’t even see? “

Here are my thoughts:

1.  One is that we probably are using the whole solar system, even though we may not know it. I’m thinking God knew, when he created our universe, that every piece of it would be necessary for our lives here on planet earth.  For instance, we know the sun is absolutely essential for our lives (heat and light), as is the moon (the movement of the seas and light at night).

I can trust that God knew from the beginning what would be necessary to keep me alive on planet earth, even though I may not ever be aware of it in my lifetime.  The curiosity God has given mankind  has meant that a lot about our universe has been discovered, but certainly not everything.  There’s still so very much more to learn about this universe God has made!  Maybe someday we’ll find out that the farthest reaches of the universe are totally necessary for us to keep breathing!  (Colossians 1:15-18)


2. The second is that perhaps this whole huge universe we live in will be used by us someday! If we are believers in Jesus we are going to live for eternity.  I’m guessing there might just be a few things for us still to discover and accomplish in our world after the LORD returns and there is no sin any more on planet earth.

I think the LORD will someday take our present earth and heavens, change them and cleanse them completely, and then put us in them to live, have fun, and start discovering!  Maybe someday in the New Heavens and Earth we will live on those far-away planets.  Who knows?  (Revelation 21)


3. Here’s my third thought: Some people think that perhaps there are outer-space-type-beings living on other planets right now.  They think that God might have put those other beings there.  In their thinking, that makes sense, because then there would be a purpose for the rest of the universe.

But I think scripture is pretty clear about the fact that when God made the heavens and the earth He put human life on only one planet – planet earth.  He gave earth just the atmosphere needed to sustain human life, and he gave earth just the amount of light it needed to sustain human life, and just the amount of weather, and just the amount of plants and animals….you see what I mean?  He didn’t give any other place in the universe just the right perfection for human life.

Life for human beings (not any other kind of beings) is what God had in mind when He created our whole universe.  Why?  Because He loved us human beings, and wanted us to love Him back.  Was God unable to make other kinds of beings for the universe?  Certainly not!  God can do anything.  But He didn’t !

He chose to make only one kind of intelligent being in the whole creation, able to love and be loved.   Human beings.  And he put them on planet earth.  He tells us all about it in Genesis 1-3.

Now, remember, Jesus was a human being.  He was also God.  He chose to come to earth as a human being and die as a human being so that He could set us free from the awful sin choice Adam and Eve made (human beings).  The Bible says He died once for sin (not twice or three times or 100 times for different kinds of being). (Romans 6:10)   He chose to make us – humans on planet earth – and to die for us – humans on planet earth – so that we could be with Him forever.   He is alive today, a perfect human being and also perfect God, sitting at the right hand of the Father.   (Revelation 3:21)

The only intelligent beings, able to love and be loved, created in the image of God….are us!


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