Workplace Bible Studies

Workplace Bible StudiesA workplace Bible study is a terrific way to take a break each week to refresh your spirit with the Word of God – and quite often it is such a great chance reach out to your friends and partners at work with friendship –  an opportunity to get to know each other better, and to find out together what the Bible has to say.

Currently I am teaching one Workplace Bible Study in my hometown of Greenwood.  We are meeting once a week over the lunch 1/2 hour to cover a few verses a week. I have loved getting to know this group of professionals!

Workplace Bible studies are generally private and not open to the general public.  If you want to be involved in one at your place of work, contact me.  I would love to see if I could help you get one started.  Many of the free Bible studies right here at would work great for you if you decide to lead it yourself.

If you need a leader, and you work in the Greenwood area, I would be glad  to see if I could fit it into my schedule.  You can reach me at:


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