Books I Am Reading – “The Bible Jesus Read” – Philip Yancey


This was an easy read, and widened my eyes as I make my way through the Old Testament – KathleenThe Bible Jesus Read - Philip Yancey

Do I matter?


Does God care?


Why doesn’t God act?


Philip Yancey comes to the conclusion that these 3 questions, posed over and over again in the Old Testament, are answered in Jesus.


“The Old Testament is not a mysterious, outdated book. It is God’s biography, the story of his passionate encounters with his people, and the prequel to the story of Jesus. It is also the Bible that Jesus read, used, and loved. I probe seven representative books–Job, Psalms, Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes, and the Prophets–and discover that the Old Testament deals in astonishing depth and detail with the same questions we face today.


 – Philip Yancey


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