Books I Am Reading “Which None Can Shut” – Reema Goode

which none can shutSuch a sweet and challenging group of stories from an ordinary American woman who spreads the Good News of Jesus in an Arab country.

As a young woman in her 20’s Reema Goode came to know Christ personally after reading a small pamphlet someone had left lying around.  “In an effort to meet other Christians, Reema went to a different church every Sunday she had off from work for an entire year.  But when she asked about their faith, people would talk about when they’d begun attending services or how they’d become church members, deacons or Sunday school teachers.  None of them seemed to know what she meant by “having a personal relationship with God”…. she wondered, where were all the Christians?  Why were they so hard for her to find?”  “Tuning in to the radio one day, she heard a program that seemed to give her the answer.  It was Moody Bible Institute’s Stories of Great Christians, the dramatized testimonies of famous missionaries.  Hearing how believers had left the comforts of home to bring the Gospel to the end of the earth made Reema wonder:  Had all the Christians already gone to other countries where the message of the Bible was unknown, unavailable, or even banned?

“With what she now knew, how could she stay in America, where there were Bibles in every bookstore and complete freedom to choose Christ?”

You will be riveted with her simple stories of sharing the wonderful truths of the Bible with her neighbors in Arabia.

I definitely recommend this book for any who want to know more about reaching the Muslim community with the Gospel – or for those who need a jumpstart on telling the Gospel story right in their own neighborhood, today!

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