Matthew 26:17 – 29 “Jesus’ Last Week – Thursday – The Passover Dinner”

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So….was Jesus crucified on Thursday…or Friday?  And was the Passover Dinner on Thursday…or Wednesday?  My answer?  Not sure.  But the question comes up, then – Is it wrong to have questions about the Bible?

So here’s the way to approach a question about a puzzling scripture passage:  Don’t say, “Hmmm…have I found something which proves the Bible is false in some places?”.

Instead, say, “I know the scripture is true…that’s a given… so what else am I not understanding? or What other verses will help me sort this out?  or Maybe I have to let this one cook for awhile and I’ll understand it later.”

It’s perfectly OK to think and question.  But don’t question God’s character, or the truth of the Bible.  Questioning God or the truth of the Bible gets you exactly nowhere.

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