Kathleen’s Greenwood Library Bible Study – the Book of Genesis

Greenwood Public Library on Old MeridianOur Greenwood library Women’s Bible study on Old Meridian is currently studying the book of Genesis. We are covering about a chapter a week, so anyone is welcome to jump in at any time this next year.

We meet Tuesday afternoons at 1pm at the library, and we usually end promptly at 2pm.  We reserve a meeting room just off the main entrance  – there are no stairs to climb or elevators to take.

If you want to see our questions and Teaching notes for each chapter of Genesis, click here.  I will post them each week .

Led by Kathleen Dalton, our group of about 20 women sits in a semi-circle of tables, open our Bibles, and read through the chapter, discuss it, ask questions, and engage in some pretty lively conversation.  Not a week goes by without a lot of laughter and opinions.  We don’t always agree on everything, but we do agree that the Bible is true, and we want to learn and be changed by God’s Word.

This Bible study is sponsored by Village Bible Church in Greenwood, where Kathleen and many of the members of this group attend.  Attendance at Village Bible or any other church is not necessary for being a part of the Bible study group.

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