“I am Willing to Talk About Jesus” Matthew Chapter 15

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I heard a story once of a group of people who wanted to bring the message of Jesus to gay people.  They decided that the best place to do this would be in a gay bar.

Now maybe this isn’t something you or I would have thought of doing…or something we wouldn’t have any idea how to do…but this group of believers had an idea.

They would go, two-by-two, into a gay bar, get something non-alcoholic to drink at the bar, then hang out.  Just standing around either making conversation with people, or listening to music, etc.

Each of the believers wore a small badge – which said:

I am willling badge

 If anyone in that gay bar wanted to ask them what the badge was all about, they would explain that they considered talking about Jesus the most important conversation topic in the world…and they just wanted people to know they weren’t afraid to discuss the subject.

Yes, some people got mad.  But others were genuinely curious, and this group of believers got many opportunities to tell the story of Jesus to a group of people who were not in their usual circle of friends, and never would have stepped into a church.

So….was this group of believers disobeying God by being seen in a bar…and a gay bar at that?  Or were they obeying God by finding a kind and non-in-your-face-way to spread the news about Jesus?

One thought on ““I am Willing to Talk About Jesus” Matthew Chapter 15

  1. I applaud their effort. If Jesus were to walk this earth today He would be found in a similiar place. Jesus came for the sinners not the “religious people”. If we are to be a reflection of the Father’s love, then we need to be willing to go to the hard places, the unconvential places just like these people and share with them the gospel message, not religion. Pat

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