“Drawing the Line in the Sand…So…What Really is the Unforgiveable Sin?” Matthew Chapter 12:22-50

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Matthew 12:22-50.  So…What Really is the Unforgiveable Sin?

You see, everyone in the world gets their chance to have the Holy Spirit open their eyes to their need of a Savior.  (John 1:9)  And everyone gets their chance to bow their knee before that Savior, accepting salvation as a gift, through faith.

But not everyone accepts that gift when they get that chance.  Some people simply blaspheme the Holy Spirit by saying, either out loud or quietly in their hearts, “No…I will not admit I need a Savior.  No…I will not believe in Jesus”.

And that sin cannot be forgiven.

One Response

  1. It’s sad that the people who need to read this, probably won’t. However there is always that one chance that someone will and will research the bible for the answer. We have to keep trying. Love, ETHEL

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