“Like Flashing Lights in the Rearview Mirror” Matthew Chapter 12:1-21

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Matthew 12:1-21
When you see a police car in back of you, how do you react?  I’m not asking how you react when you see those lights flashing, but just when you see the police car…no lights…just the car…how do you react?
I get sweaty.  I slow down, no matter how slow or fast I’m already going.  I try to think of every law I might be transgressing.  I am extremely nervous.  And if I can figure out a way to turn on to another road, even if it takes me out of my way, I do it.
Why do I react like that?  Because I’m just never sure when I might be breaking the law.  And the presence of a policeman behind me says, loud and clear, if you break even a law you’re not aware of, you are going to get caught!  I figure I’m doomed – because surely I’ll do something wrong while I’m being watched.

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