Hillary Clinton’s Testimony on Benghazi Today….Jan 23, 2013

The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flames during a protestSecretary of State Hillary Clinton,

Jan 23, 2013  Hearings on Benghazi

My Summary of Hillary Clinton’s testimony:

“I take full responsibility, but it wasn’t my fault.”


Ambassador Chris Rice knew it was dangerous

Ambassador Chris Rice asked for the specific location in Benghazi for the embassy compound.

I wasn’t involved in the Ambassador Rice talking points.

I didn’t have personal knowledge of all the requests for security at Benghazi.

Congress isn’t giving us enough money to sufficiently protect our citizens and embassies in dangerous assignments abroad.

North Africa is extremely dangerous and that’s common knowledge

I didn’t choose Ambassador Rice to represent the government on the Sunday talk shows

No one from the State department talked to any of the evacuated people from Benghazi.

Much of what happens in the world is classified.

“What difference does it make?”…that Benghazi was an attack and not a demonstration?

The Administration and the Congress need to get their act together.

The House has not acted to free up money for the State Department.

My conclusion:

Hillary Clinton has been an extremely hard-working, tirelessly mileage accumulating, well-politically networked Secretary of State.  This hearing was a huge accolade to her 4 years of service.

But….if she is telling the truth, she has been a poor Secretary of State.   If she is covering up, she has been a very dangerous Secretary of State,…..

….and we have no reason to think any of the US personnel in embassies in dangerous locations abroad are sufficiently protected, or will be in the near future.

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